Clean your surface before applying the decal. Make sure your surface is clean, smooth & dry before applying the vinyl. Rub it with a dry cloth. The vinyl will stick to any smooth surface – walls, fridges, glass, mirrors, cupboards, tiles, bottles etc.

Decide & plan carefully where you would like to apply the decal. (You will not be able to reposition the vinyl after removing the backing paper.) Get some masking tape & tape it to the wall to get the correct position.

Place the wall decal graphic side down & rub over the entire backing with your hand or credit card, so that it can stick to the front application tape.

Slowly start removing the backing paper from the one side to the other. If some of the smaller pieces stay behind, roll back en rub it down.

Stick the wall decal down on the surface/wall & slowly start to smooth down the decal from the one side to the other. Prevent making any bubbles & wrinkles.

Slowly remove the application tape on top of the decal. Start in the top corner & slowly roll it to the opposite corner. If some of the smaller pieces stick to the application tape, simply roll back and rub it down. If any bubbles appear, poke it with a needle & smooth it out.


  • The decals will NOT stick onto brick, stone or unfinished wood or any rough textured surfaces.
  • We do not recommend applying the decal to a newly painted wall. Please wait 3 weeks before applying the decal. If you do apply it, your decal might dry to the paint & damage the paint when you want to remove it.
  • The decal will stick to matte, semi-gloss & high gloss paint.
  • When applying your decal, do not wash the wall. Your decal will not stick to a wet surface. Rather rub it with a dry cloth to get rid of the dust.
  • The decals are removeble, but NOT reusable. Once you pull it off, you won’t be able to apply it again.
  • If you decide to remove the decal, use a hair dryer on the low heat setting to soften the adhesive at the back. Avoid overheating the wall decal (this will disfigure the wall decal) or wall to avoid damage. Hold the hair dryer approximately 20cm away from the decal, taking care not to overheat your paint. Gently lift a corner of each letter or design with a fingernail and pull down slowly.
  • Hello Dolly will not be held responsible for any damage to property.

Hello Dolly decals are made of a high quality matt self-adhesive vinyl. It has a lifespan of 3-5years & can be used indoors and outdoors. The decals can be applied to smooth & clean walls, mirrors, windows and any other flat surfaces.

We recommend that you use a soft cloth or sponge dampened with cool water to clean your wall decal to get rid of dust. Avoid using cleaners that contain alcohol, abrasives, citrus additives, or ammonias. When a wall decal is applied on a window or mirror, take special care to avoid glass cleaners that contain alcohol, ammonia, or citrus additives.